Seal of approval “adreko Address Protection”

Our seal of approval “address security” is used by companies protecting their customer data with the adreko seed address system. Our seal of approval “address security” shows customers and partners – but also consumer protection organisations, politicians and journalists – that address security is a priority. In addition to respecting all legal regulations, adreko seed addresses are fed into the system, acting as a warning system and monitored on a regular basis.

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  1. Custom-developed database of seed addresses
  2. Each seed address is unique
  3. Closed data circuit
  4. Attorney-approved system
  5. Permanently-tested seed address receivers under contract
  6. Permanent verification of all incoming contacts
  7. Archiving of evidential documentation in customised mail archives for at least 3 years
  8. Long-term experience and reliable contacts in the address market
  9. As a neutral third party, adreko can document and testify in cases of misuse of addresses



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